Dev Env
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Get in-person help setting up your computer with Node.js, npm, & Git!

What is a dev env?

A development environment, or dev env, is the set of tools, languages, and libraries used to build software.

An essential and difficult part of learning to code is getting all the right dependencies set up on your computer so you can get started building projects.

Need help installing & getting started with Node.js, JavaScript, npm, Git, & GitHub?

Join us! We're here to help! Our install parties are evening workshops where we work together to make sure node, npm, and git are set up on every laptop, and that you're able to push code to your GitHub account.

Get ready for the party

All you need to bring is your laptop!

You can download the app we'll use throughout the workshop:

Download the Dev Env Status app

Who should attend?

You! This event is for new programmers, or people with prior experience but are new to Node.js, npm, git, and/or GitHub. Women, LGBTQIA+ folks, people of color, people with mental or developmental disabilities, and other underrepresented folks are encouraged to attend!

Does this cost money?

Dev Env Party is free! We've set it up as "pay what you feel" so that if you appreciate what we're doing and have extra cash you can help make this event series sustainable with a small contribution.

What will I learn?

The main goal is getting your computer set up with Node.js and Git, but we'll also cover some introductory GitHub, terminal, and programming topics. Just enough to get you started on other learning resources.

Code of conduct

It's important that this project contributes to a friendly, safe, and welcoming environment for all, particularly for folks that are historically underrepresented in technology.

Read our code of conduct.



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Help get new developers set up! You can make a difference by giving folks a solid start on their learning adventure. You don't need to be a professional teacher to be a mentor. We'll share guidelines and curriculum with you to help you be an effective mentor.

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Support the education of new coders by sponsoring Dev Env Party! We need help covering space, food, and other costs of running the event.

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What's next?

Got your computer all set up? Looking for the next challenge?

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